Letter from Design

The pages of The Varsity didn’t always look the way they do now. In our oldest issues, columns upon columns of small black text filled the space, with occasional ads boxed away in the corners. The magazine is an extension of changes in approaches to designing the paper. The tension between old and new was one we explored in designing this magazine, revisiting our archives to recreate old photos and our closets to rediscover (and get distracted by) our collections of Pokémon cards and game boys. The central inspiration for designing this issue was perception, mimicking the articles’ exploration of appearances and reality. On the cover, we wanted to represent authenticity in the self. The front cover of the magazine represents inner life, with the closed eye and the bizarre, whimsical doodles representing the clutter of our minds. The back cover, with the eye open and staring at you from stark, white space represents the naked face we present to the world. Whether the person within or without is the authentic self is a matter of contention. While our design looks different now, we continue to be inspired by our predecessors. Just as the splashes of watercolour on the cover seep into the free-hand doodles, so too does the past linger into the present, influencing and creating who we truly are. — Shaquilla Singh | Design Editor, 2013–2014