Everything is art

Who decides what constitutes art? This is a question humans have grappled with for centuries.

Everything can be considered art; each paper you write and poutine you consume. Every night spent working on your assignments, slowly but surely, you are honing your craft.

It is unfair to differentiate between biology and English, or math and theatre when it comes to artistic value. They all require passion, conceptualization, and dedication. Art is simply the mastering of a craft to the extent of inspiration.

Art is also found in snapshots of life. The art of the successful all-nighter. The art of the 90 per cent test score. The art of the school/social-life balance. It’s more than a picture on a page; it is a way of being.

Strive to understand art and its prismatic, multifaceted nature. You practice art in everything you do, so take pride in that. Don’t hold yourself back by comparing your art to others, and you will succeed.