September checklist

  • Buy a calendar and write down all of your due dates and exam dates. Realize now that you’ll plan to get everything done with time to spare, but will end up with at least one all-nighter; don’t worry, we’ve all been there.
  • Run — don’t walk — to get your textbooks. Used copies sell out quickly, and you don’t want to be stuck paying full price — or, even worse, be stuck waiting for the feared second shipment of books that takes forever to show up. Check online and at the discount bookstore before spending big bucks.
  • Join a club, or at least give something a try. The school year gets hectic fast; take the free time you have now to check out some extracurricular options that will help you de-stress and make friends.
  • Enjoy the campus greenery. It disappears quickly, and when you’re locked in Gerstein Library in a blizzard, you’ll need fond memories of frisbee in King’s College Circle to keep you going.
  • Get moving! With tons of options for all activity levels, U of T’s gyms are a great place to get fit, meet friends, and burn off that ill-conceived poutine.
  • Check out The Varsity in print or online at to stay up-to-date on all of the happenings on and around the university. New issues are on stands across U of T’s three campuses every Monday.
  • Participate in tutorial; it will show your TA or professor that you care, and will make you feel like more than just a number.
  • Do your readings. But actually.
  • Go to a Thursday pub night run by your college, and wake up the next day terribly hung over for your Friday class. Vow to never schedule classes on Friday for the rest of your university career.
  • Get the number of a peer in each tutorial or class. You will inevitably miss or come late to lecture at some point during the year. Whether your absence is because of a faulty alarm clock transportation delay, or a concert you just have to attend, you’ll feel a lot better knowing you’ve got a back-up plan.
  • While downtown in the wee hours of the morning, enjoy the mysterious drunk-food specialty that is St. George street meat.
  • Walk into Convocation Hall early to get a prime seat. Realize that, although you might feel very small in a crowd of 1,000 students, U of T is filled with endless possibilities.