First year bucket list

  • Show off your campus, college, or faculty pride at the UTSU frosh parade
  • Join a club or student organization
  • Attend a student theatre production
  • Take advantage of events with free food on campus
  • Visit a campus that isn’t your own
  • Go to a house party or frat party
  • Find your on-campus study spot
  • Find your off-campus study spot
  • Visit a prof’s office hours
  • Take advantage of a student discount
  • Vote in a student election
  • Find the perfect cup of coffee on campus
  • Pull an all-nighter studying
  • Go to the Varsity Blues homecoming game
  • Play an intramural sport
  • Attend a demonstration or protest
  • Find a job from the Career Learning Network
  • Attend a formal event outside your campus, college, or faculty
  • Join a fitness class at one of U of T’s gyms
  • Contribute to The Varsity!