A day in the life at UTSG

Since your first time setting foot on this campus, I’ll bet the question, “How will I ever familiarize myself with this place?!” has run through your mind at least one hundred times.

A campus as big as UTSG may seem intimidating, but it is also yours to explore with an amazing variety of libraries, study spots, and social spaces. If you’re curious, or not sure where to start, here is one way to make the most out of your day.

8:30 am: The 9:00 am lecture that I dread every week looms. Before it starts, I can always count on Café Reznikoff to fuel my system with a bit — or a lot — of coffee. Located in Morrison Hall at 75 St. George Street, Reznikoff is always my go-to place for a quick sandwich or a bag of M&Ms and sour keys — especially when my next class is close by at UC or Con Hall.

10:00 am: After class and before lunch, I usually like to get in some studying. I may be a bit biased as a proud New College student, but I believe Ivey Library is one of the best libraries at UTSG. It has a bright, sunlit working area and a convenient computer lab. Unlike Robarts Library, you rarely have to worry about not being able to find a place to sit, and Ivey is never too loud or deafeningly quiet.

11:00 am: Some days, when I feel like I’d much rather be studying witchcraft and wizardry at Hogwarts, I like to visit University College. Unfortunately, I’ll be frantically writing a COG250 essay instead of memorizing cool spells, but at least UC’s beautiful quad and fresh air will put me at ease.

Just a minute away, Hart House is also one of UTSG’s more notable buildings. The Map Room, the Quad, and the Arbor Room are just a few places I love to visit in my spare time.

12:30 pm: If you are a fan of ramen, I suggest checking out Ryu’s Noodle Bar, which is just five minutes from the Exam Centre. I recommend the Spicy Miso ramen, which has ‘mild’ to ‘super hot’ options. My dining experience is always pleasant there and I find myself going back pretty often — and not just because you get a free ramen after your fifteenth visit.

2:00 pm: I also love to study in the Bahen Centre for Information Technology. The modern interior of the centre designed for computer science, computer engineering, and IT research is inspiring; it’s definitely somewhere you can spend hours focused on your work.

4:30 pm: The Cat’s Eye Lounge located in Victoria College is undoubtedly a comfortable place to hang out. I have been to many open mic events here and without fail, the Cat’s Eye always provides a relaxing, inclusive atmosphere.

On the other side of campus, inside the Terrence Donnelly Centre, is a beautiful bamboo garden that I like to visit regularly. The architecture is undeniably beautiful and the bamboo garden is a great place to hang out, take your mind off of academic stress, and relax for a bit.

7:00 pm: For dinner, I find myself heading to the Howard Ferguson Dining Hall quite often, as the food there is delicious, well-prepared, and affordable. Like Reznikoff, it’s also part of University College and conveniently located on St. George Street.

3:00 am: As a night owl, my favourite thing about Smoke’s Poutinerie is how late they’re open — until about 4:00 am! Also, their poutine is always delicious and made with fresh, hand-cut fries. Smoke’s has several locations downtown, with the 455 Spadina Avenue being the closest one to campus. I recommend my favourite dish: the Smoked Meat Peppercorn Poutine. If you’re not a meat-eater, Smoke’s also offers vegetarian options, such as the Rainbow Poutine or the Veggie Deluxe.

Robarts Library was the prison in Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010). MASHAL KHAN/THE VARSITY
Robarts Library was the prison in Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010). MASHAL KHAN/THE VARSITY