A day in the life at UTSC

UTSC is relatively small in comparison to UTSG and UTM, which is why navigating through it is much easier. More than anything we value a positive community and campus experience, so look around, make friends, and join a club to get the full UTSC experience.

8:30 am: Most morning classes start around 9:00 am, so before lecture, I usually swing by the Tim Hortons near the library to get my caffeine and donut fix for the day. If you are in the mood for something fancy, there is also a Starbucks at the Meeting Place.

10:00 am: Take advantage of time between classes. If you need an absolutely quiet, I-have-a-test-tomorrow study session, your best bets are the silent study rooms or study carousels located upstairs in the UTSC library. For group studying, bring your friends to the study spaces near the AC223 lecture hall or the tables in the Humanities Wing.

12:00 pm: Around this time, I am normally craving lunch. I usually go to the Market Place and grab a shawarma from Paramount. There are plenty of restaurants at the Student Centre, which is just across from the Arts & Administration building (AA). If you are like me and crave Popeyes all the time, there is one near the Pan Am.

2:00 pm: For those days when you forget your laptop, do not fret! Computer labs in the Bladen Wing (BV) will come in handy. Take the stairs up by the bookstore, and there is a helpful IT desk to answer all of your questions.

5:00 pm: For a quiet place to chill with your friends, The Valley is a great spot. A trail located near the patio outside the Market Place will lead you there — Drake once showed up there to play kickball.

7:00 pm: Before you head home, Scarborough Town Centre (STC) is only a bus ride away. The mall includes a Cineplex where you can watch a movie at the end of a busy day. If you have school work to do though, you should probably skip this step and go home to study some more.