A day in the life at UTM

This campus is home to students from all walks of life. It’s large enough to host 13,000 students every year, but small enough for you to bump into everyone you know every day — each day becomes a different journey.

8:00 am: With two hours to spare before my morning class, I wander around the campus and wind up at the Nature Trail by Principal’s Road. Walking up towards The Principal’s House, I am struck by how picture-perfect the scenery looks. With insects and birds chirping cheerfully, I twirl in place with my head up and take in the peaceful setting.

10:00 am: I rush down the path back to civilization, into one of UTM’s biggest lecture halls, CC1080. Right before I enter the hall, I decide to grab a bite at the mini Tim Hortons. With a muffin in one hand and my laptop in the other, I walk into class.

12:00 pm: I stumble out of class with a growling stomach, walk to Deerfield Hall, and try North Side Bistro’s signature Caesar salad. Sitting on the couches near the café, I do some school work on my laptop.

12:45 pm: I decide to head to the Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre, better known as ‘The Library.’ My favorite spot is by the fireplace on the third floor, where I occasionally go after classes to flip through a novel.

1:30 pm: I rent a bicycle for free at the UTM BikeShare, which is open from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on weekdays. From there, I bike to Erindale Park, which is very close to campus.

4:00 pm: My friends and I have a midterm coming up, so we book a study room in The Library. Here we can have discussions without bothering anyone or having anyone bother us. The Library offers charging kits for smartphones and some laptops, so staying there later than anticipated is never a problem. They also offer laptops that you can rent for a few hours.

7:30 pm: As I walk to my car in the parking lot, I stop to see a flock of geese crossing the road, with the cars politely stopping to let them pass. Nearby, I see a family of deer grazing through the grass, unfazed by the modern life surrounding them. This moment in nature reminds me why the campus has become home.

A deer sighting in Mississauga. KASSANDRA NERANJAN/THE VARSITY
A deer sighting in Mississauga. ELHAM NUMAN/THE VARSITY