Welcome to Scarborough

After a day of lectures and labs, University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC) students are willing to bus or drive to just about anywhere in the GTA to unwind.  Though some of their favorite hang-out spots are in or near UTSC, the majority are spread out across the city.

Bubble tea shops are some of the most popular hang-outs for UTSC students. Many are willing to take three buses in order to down a sugary tapioca-filled drink at Go for Tea at Midland and McNicoll. With its homey decor and soft lighting, Go for Tea is generally considered to be one of Scarborough’s best bubble tea venues.


AYCE (All You Can Eat) restaurants remain a perennial favorite among students who try to get the most out of each dollar. Since sushi can cost as much as a dollar a piece in UTSC’s marketplace, many students prefer driving or taking transit  to AYCE sushi restaurants, such as Tatami Sushi at Eglinton and Lebovic, or Nichiban Sushi at Steeles and Kennedy, which offer unlimited sushi for a set price. Located east of McCowan on Shepphard, Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine is a popular AYCE restaurants among UTSC students. Ten-Ichi chefs cook meals right in front of their guests, and often entertain them with tricks like the juggling of spatulas or turning a mound of sliced onions into a tiny flaming volcano.

During the winter months, the thought of a warm bowl of Vietnamese Pho leads a large number of students to take a couple of buses and trudge through snow to the doors of either Pho Dai Nam at Birchmount and Danforth or Pho Metro at Taunton and Salem.  Korean Barbecues, like Chako at Midland and McNicoll, are also popular winter destinations for protein lovers who crave grilled meat.   

UTSC students also flock to the many sports bars and wing joints surrounding the Scarborough Town Centre for televised sporting events. Just one TTC ride away from UTSC, AllStar Wings & Ribs, and St. Louis Bar & Grill are the most frequented locations for a pint of beer and a pound of wings.

An LRT arrives at Scarborough Centre station. ROBERT TAYLOR/FLICKR CC
An LRT arrives at Scarborough Centre station. ROBERT TAYLOR/FLICKR CC


Weather permitting, Pickering Playing Fields is a well-known hang-out spot for UTSC students in the spring and summer.  A ten minute car ride from campus, Pickering Playing Fields has batting cages, a 18 hole mini putt golf course, two beach volleyball courts, and a driving range.

Archery Tag is rapidly gaining popularity among UTSC students. Most students jump at the opportunity of firing non-lethal projectiles at their best friends. Kennedy Bowl and ESC-It (Escape It) are two common alternatives for those who prefer less physically exerting activities.    

Project A, U of T’s largest anime club, hosts several of the most popular events at UTSC. The club has a tradition of turning lecture halls into makeshift movie theatres for the viewing of Studio Ghibli films and other renowned anime classics. Project A also hosts a cultural festival once a year known as Bunkasai, which turns UTSC’s meeting place into the Japanese version of Chuck-E-Cheese, complete with tickets and anime themed prizes.        

With celebrated Writers in Residence like Nino Ricci and Miriam Toews, UTSC is also becoming well-known for its creative writing program.  Young student writers of various ethnicities and backgrounds meet at UTSC every Wednesday to write about their various experiences in the diverse community they call Scarborough.