September checklist

✓ Survive frosh (if you choose to partake)

✓ Exchange contact info with new people — at least one residence dweller, and one commuter

✓ Eventually locate all of your classes

✓ On a nice day, find a beautiful spot on your campus to relax

✓ Try some off-campus cuisine that you’ve never had before

✓ Patronize a school dining hall

✓ Make a contribution both in class and in tutorial

✓ Read the news

✓ Specifically, read The Varsity

✓ Join a club/association/team/group on campus

✓ Take public transit

✓ Audit a friend’s class

✓ Learn ten new words, and use them in conversation

✓ Go use athletic facilities, or participate in a drop-in class that is new to you

✓ Visit one of the other two campuses

✓ Discover a neighbourhood in Mississauga, Toronto, and Scarborough

✓ Attend a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival (say “ARR!” when the anti-pirating message comes on screen)

✓ Go to a U of T sporting event, having researched the name of our mascot beforehand

✓ Have at least one debate with a fellow student

✓ Become accustomed to squirrels jumping out of garbage cans (and other concealed areas)

✓ Try something new, and then call an out-of-town friend or relative to tell them about it

✓ Write your own checklist of goals, and get cracking