Getting involved — outside the classroom

When you’re a science student at U of T, it can sometimes be hard to keep your head. With long hours at the lab, solving nearly impossible problem sets, and the endless struggle to maintain a med-school worthy GPA, it’s hard to take the time to unwind. One of the best ways to escape the constant grind is by getting involved on campus. As a science student, you have a unique skillset that can be incredibly valuable to the student community. Escaping the classroom and joining a student club is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have at U of T — it will help you meet new people, broaden your skillset, and, most importantly, remind you that there is life outside of the lab.

U of T Biomod Team

Contribute to a bio-nanotechnology project that will compete in the Biomolecular Design Competition held annually at Harvard University. Regardless of your major, you are invited to join a group that will help you improve your research and leadership skills.

UTIHP  ( University of Toronto International Health Program)

Engage, connect, and contribute to your university community with UTIHP. This group will enable you to work with your campus and your fellow group members to tackle international global health challenges.

Toronto Thinks

Represent U of T by competing in teams of four in this global health case-competition. Again, regardless of your program of study, you are welcome to participate. Toronto Thinks asks you to take on simulations of real-life health issues — one good way to improve your problem-solving skills.

InnovaMasters (UTIM)

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and innovation then this is the group for you. This annual competition will give you a chance to exercise your creativity and passion for discovery as well as apply the problem solving skills you’ve been learning in the science classroom.

Climate Impact Network

Want to take real steps to increase awareness of climate change? The 2015-2016 agenda for this group includes the opportunity to be a part of the U of T delegation for sustainability conferences and campaigns abroad.