Décor in bloom

Dorm rooms are notoriously plain, and this means that they’re the perfect canvas to which you may add your own personality. Plants are a great way to add a source of life and energy to your surroundings. The following picks are incredibly easy to take care of — they are foolproof for those who don’t have much of a green thumb, but they still offer a variety of looks and benefits.


Like its other fellow succulents, aloe is easy to take care of and has a high payoff in aesthetic appeal. If you’re tight on space, look for aloe vera, its smaller sibling.

Water only when soil looks dry.

The sunnier, the better.

Aloe has countless medicinal properties. Its leaves can be used to treat burns and are generally great for skin.

Moth Orchids

Moth orchids, like all orchids, have a well-known, unique look to them and add life to any room. They’re easy to grow and long-lasting.

Allow soil to dry out before watering thoroughly.

Bright, indirect light.

These plants are great for purifying air. They give off oxygen at night — unlike most plants, which do it during the day — and fight toluene, making them great for bedrooms.

Peace Lily

With the peace lily, you get elegant white blooms for remarkably little work, making it a popular pick. However, it can pose a risk to pets if ingested.

Keep soil moist.

Low levels of light are best.

On top of their beauty, peace lilies are great at absorbing airborne toxins.

Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is perfect for those who are looking to fill up space in a room. It can grow to great heights, while still being a very low-maintenance plant.

Let the surface of the soil dry between waterings. Spray leaves with water regularly.

Medium to bright light.

The rubber tree got its name from the rubbery sap inside its leaves and stems, which oozes out if the tree is cut. Be careful with this, as it tends to irritate sensitive skin.


Snake Plant

Snake plants are one of the easiest on the list to care for, needing only minimal water and light. They’re a perfect fit for any corner of your room.

Let the soil dry a little between watering.

Indirect sunlight.

Snake plants are also known as ‘viper’s bowstring hemp,’ ‘mother-in-law’s tongue,’ or ‘Saint George’s sword.’


These flowers add a bright pop of colour to any room. They come in a wide variety of shades and their blooms last for a while.

Water when dry.

Bright light.

The chrysanthemum has been Japan’s national flower for the last 100 years; it symbolizes happiness and longevity.

Jade Plant

Jade plants are very low-maintenance succulents that have a distinctive look, with their small, thick leaves and compact size.

Jade plants prefer dry soil, so don’t water too often.

Lots of sun.

Jade plants live for a very long time and have great potential for bonsai.