Letter from the editor Fall 2014

Making a magazine boils down to a series of choices. 

Months ago, when we began the process of producing the pages that you now hold in your hands, we had a vision. Naively, we thought it would all turn out according to the blueprint. The final product reads nothing like those expectations — just like, if I’m being honest, my life today bears almost no resemblance to the vision I had for myself at the start of university four years ago. 

In this magazine, we explore the ways in which ideas, people, and things interact with, and subsequently impact, one another. The stories within illustrate how intersections and interactions create identity and innovation. Writers explore the overlap between neighbourhoods in Toronto’s east end, the relationship between print and digital media, and the deconstruction of labels in sexuality

As students, our lives are in near constant flux, riddled with uncertainty as we question how our adult lives will take shape. In the pages that follow, contributors point out the paradoxes of young adulthood, exploring what it’s like to let go of memories, to put yourself out there in the dating world, and to let go of childhood memories and expectations.

Part of growing up is trying new things — experimenting with what interests us, what music we listen to, who we date, where we work, and more. The end product is rarely according to plan, but is instead the result of the choices we make, the challenges we overcome, and the streets that we cross. The only constant is change  ­— the opportunities to discover yourself at each junction, not following the path you once imagined, but veering, curving, and crisscrossing towards where you’re meant to be.

— Samantha Relich
Magazine Editor, 2014–2015