After He had sculpted the moon and stars,
His gaze fell on the planet with blue scars —
What colour should the day be? He thought,
As He penned Earth’s future’s plot.

“I will shatter prejudice,” said Red as she drew her sword,
“Pick me,” whispered Orange, “I’m success against all odds”
“I’m hope,” Yellow smiled, and batted her eyes,
Green smirked — “I’m truth in this world of lies.”

“I’ll bring mystery into the lives of humans,” voiced Black.
Grey sung: “And I’ll boost the self-confidence they lack.”
The meeting went on, arguing hour after hour,
Adjourned only when the clouds grew dark; it began to shower.

He watched as the colours left one by one —
The rain drops wet their shoulders turn by turn,
Red battled the water with vain —
Black waited for the clouds to drain.
Yellow and Green shivered under the drizzle,
Blue, Grey, and Orange stood coldly, dismal.

Disappointed, He sighed as the last colour rose to her feet.
White hadn’t spoken, but she seemed whole and complete.
Gracefully she strode across the room and out onto the grass —
“Poor girl, she’s going to shiver,” He thought at last.

But as White walked on unfazed, the droplets fell softly around her —
Taken aback, He watched while they began to transform her:
She shone through the wet prisms and across the sky,
Until the blue was transformed into a rainbow up high!

White carried the spectrum of colours within her —
All the emotions in perfect balance inside her.
“This should be the future of humans,” He said with satisfaction.
“Only then will negativity of the world be missing in action.”
Mesmerized, He stood in awe of White —
That’s when He knew she’d be the colour of daylight!