UTSC has an innovative population of students capable of magically transforming any space into a study space. Being on a large campus makes this a necessity, especially during exam season. As incoming students, knowing all the great campus study spots can help you elevate your concentration levels and help you achieve that perfect 4.0 GPA.

UTSC Library

There’s no better place to study than the library. You will find two silent areas, quiet areas, and group study rooms. For those of you who need complete silence while studying, the silent study areas are where you will find diligent students vigorously typing away on their laptops. In addition, you may get lucky and find some of the hidden study spots around the library as well. Group study rooms can be found behind the computer area and can be booked online using the library website.

Environmental Science & Chemistry Building Study Rooms

A lesser-known study spot is the series of second-floor study rooms in the ESCB building. As ESCB is one of the newer buildings on campus, its study areas have gone largely undiscovered. These rooms are mainly used for silent study, and they’re a great place to escape from the bustling library. Another perk is the natural light that streams in from the rooms’ huge windows.

Science Wing  Study Carrels

The SW Study Carrels provide a nice environment to concentrate because they allow each person to have their own isolated space. This area provides just the right amount of background noise for those who don’t like to study in complete silence.

Bladen Wing Group Study Area

For those who cannot handle the desolate silence of the library or the ambient noises of the SW, the BW is the ideal spot. Its fourth floor is a perfect group study area and hangout spot. Depending on the time of day, this space can be quite noisy. On the bright side, the BW also has computer labs that can be used when the library computers are taken.

Humanities Wing Study Carrels

The HW Study Carrels are the perfect place to study with a group of friends or by yourself. This is ideal if you are the type of person that enjoys a bit of background noise but still appreciates privacy while studying. The biggest benefit of studying in the HW is that you are close to a few of the campus’ main food areas, the marketplace being the closest.