This photo series depicts a typical jaunt of mine through Evergreen Brickworks. It starts as an escape to view local nature in an area void of human presence and ends as a maddening descent into a winter snowstorm.



Toronto, with its perceived dullness, is the perfect place to explore. It has often been called bleak, ugly, and dirty — especially in the winter.

Photo_Essay-STEVEN_LEE_THE_VARSITY-3While irritation and weariness are normal reactions to numb feet and a frozen face caused by the desolate winter weather, there exists nonetheless an alluring quality to watching the snow fall on barren land.





One’s imagination runs free.





Many believe that Toronto is at its worst in the drab colours of the coldest season. I believe that Toronto’s true beauty lies in its scenic diversity, which is on display even in the winter. A juxtaposition of urban infrastructure and gems of nature, Toronto is a testament to how a blend of grey and white can make the most straightforward landscape into a work of art.