Goodnight, Oshawa

Toronto is no stranger to the myriad developing suburbs around it. The city is ever-expanding and amalgamating surrounding municipalities into its seemingly gargantuan borders. However, lower housing prices, the high cost of raising children, and more available living space drive some people to live outside the urban metropolis.

Having lived in suburbs all my life, I can attest to the many stereotypes used to describe neighbourhoods like mine. Descriptors ranging from ‘boring and bleak’ to ‘friendly and tranquil’ can apply to suburbia’s rows of structured houses and minivans.

No doubt, it isn’t the kind of place where most young adults want to spend their time.

This collection of photos illustrates a different perspective of life in the suburbs. While the suburban days are filled with pleasant activities, usual moods, and general monotony, the nights are quite different. Gone is the dull bustle of the day, replaced with the lonesome lights of storefronts and single windows. There’s an eeriness that accompanies the quiet of the day’s end. It is only when night falls that you see the other side of the suburbs.