Advice to first-years

President Meric Gertler

“Welcome to the University of Toronto! My advice to incoming students would be to step out of your comfort zone when considering what courses to pursue, and take some risks as a way to develop both breadth and depth of knowledge. And whether you are new to Toronto or born and raised here, I would also suggest you experience the city as a valuable part of your education.”

Dean of Arts & Science David Cameron

“Starting university is such an exciting time in your life but we know it can be a bit overwhelming as well. Please remember there are people whose job is to help you. Take advantage of their expertise. For Arts & Science students, the best “first stop” when you need advice and assistance is always your college registrar.”

ASSU President Abdullah Shihipar

“Get involved early. You’re definitely here to learn, but by getting involved you get to meet so many diverse people at U of T and learn so many things. You’ll have a support system and you’ll learn to balance multiple commitments. Learning happens inside and outside the classroom and to get the most out of a diverse place like U of T, you’ll have to do both.”

Political Science Professor Dr. Simone Chambers

“Join, create, curate face-to-face study groups. Take my word for it; this will make a huge difference to your undergraduate experience on all sorts of dimensions.”

Sociology Professor Dr. Christian Caron

“Learning should be a social enterprise, not pursued alone, so in your courses seek out colleagues and learn with them. Your university experiences will be far richer for it.”

APSS President Emily Tsui

“Get involved, but don’t forget academics, friends, and family.”

ENGSOC President Teresa Nguyen

“Everyone has an amazing story to share (and I have found this especially so here at U of T), so take the time to listen and you might learn a thing or two!”

Astronomy Professor Dr. Michael Reid

“For your major, find a subject that you’re excited to learn about every day; in the long run, that passion for learning will serve you better than a “marketable” degree.”

Psychology Professor Dr. Dan Dolderman

“Seek wisdom, face fear, practice compassion.”

Cell and Systems Biology Professor Dr. Kenneth Yip

“Have big dreams (not during class).”

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Professor Dr. James D. Thomson

“Devour readings, study syllabi, attend tutorials.”

Mathematics professor Dr. Anthony Lam

“Every student has a unique learning technique.”