Letter from the Magazine Editor

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

For as long as I can remember, people have been asking me what my plans are for the future, and while I’ve done my best to say something convincing, I’ve never really known for sure. Not all of us have a perfect blueprint for our lives laid out, but most of us are overflowing with dreams — fantasies that seem so absurd that we’re afraid to say them out loud.

Varsity Magazine: What Is Your Dream? from The Varsity on Vimeo.

For this magazine, we asked what your dreams are. Why did you come to U of T, or to Toronto — what were you longing for that brought you to where you are standing right now? The narratives in these pages explore our secret wishes and wildest aspirations. We talked to people who are going for it — whether trying to make a living playing video games, painting, rapping, or ice dancing.

Sometimes, the chances of failure are high. James Flynn investigated student debt and how it can stand in the way of success. Samantha Relich talked to students at the Transitional Year Programme who are struggling to keep it from being shut down.

It’s easy to feel like we should keep our aspirations quiet, lest we validate the labels being tossed around about our generation — “entitled,” “lazy,” “millennials.” But our greatest hopes may not be as ludicrous as they seem. When we try to pursue them, when we want things fervently, we have a shot at realizing them. The age of figuring things out at 18 is past — we will all go through different jobs, change our minds, fail, or triumph. We may not have perfect plans, but we have longings and dreams that spill out onto the streets of our city like frantic energy, whether we share them or not.

For now, you’re here. In a few years, you could be anything — even exactly what you want to be.


— Danielle Klein | Magazine Editor, 2013–2014