Where have you been?

“My friend wrote this while listening to a speech by the Director-General of UNESCO in Paris.”

“You can often get a sense for life in a new city by wandering through grocery stores. This card takes the journey back to Bangkok shelves a few decades ago.”

“Capuchin catacombs, Palermo.”

“I picked this up at the MOMA in New York City. I got distracted by pretzels and hotties on the street so I forgot to mail it.”

“I spotted these while roaming the streets of Barcelona looking for a cafe and sangria.”

“Frogs: no idea. I think I picked this card up in Portland, Oregon.”

“This is a photo of Thailand’s king and his wife in the 1960s.”

“The energy, passion, and patriotism was out of this world — I have never felt so proud to be Canadian as I did in Vancouver.”

“I visited California and bought this because it represents how much I hate highways.”

“I picked up this deadstock postcard at a photoshop/café in New York. A cool concept, but unfortunately the scent of photo chemicals doesn’t mesh well with coffee.”