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Fall 2014

Letter from the editor Fall 2014

Making a magazine boils down to a series of choices. 

Months ago, when we began the process of producing the pages that you now hold in your hands, we had a vision. Naively, we thought it would all turn out according to the blueprint. The final product reads nothing like those expectations — just like, if I’m being honest, my life today bears almost no resemblance to the vision I had for myself at the start of university four years ago.  (more…)

Letter from design Fall 2014

It sometimes seems that we are always in transition. In the production of this magazine, that was definitely the case. In the course of designing these articles, we threw out countless ideas, tweaked visuals, and started from scratch more than we had ever anticipated. Producing this work was a journey in and of itself.  (more…)

Transitioning to the forefront

In conversation with two up-and-coming Toronto hip-hop artists

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