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Alex McKeen

Editor-in-Chief 2016–2017
Features Editor 2015–2016
Associate News Editor 2014–2015

Up in the air.

The burgeoning sharing economy has turned our vehicles into taxis, our clutter into currency, and our spare time into work hours. At the centre of a trend that blurs the line between our private and professional lives, home sharing presents a cascade of opportunities and challenges to the city of Toronto.

Revolution making

An integral player in the Occupy movement now says protest is dead; what activists should make of the future of social change

Letter from the editor

Magazine Editor Alex McKeen on “Politics”

Letter from the Editor

Explaining the theme

September checklist

Some benchmarks for getting the most out of your first month at U of T

How to write an essay in four days

One student’s guide to not imploding at the prospect

Letter from the Editor

Explaining the handbook

What’s language got to do with it?

Four U of T students discuss how we talk to one another and the role of language in multilingual contexts

From The Varsity

To the people at the heart of this paper

A letter from Alex McKeen, Vol. 137 Editor-in-Chief

You Decide gets boost from UTSU commission

“Final push” for referendum petition is underway, UTSU VP External says

Community alert warns of escaped man with “violent history”

Andrew Smith “has been known to frequent the North West Campus”

Documents reveal “tentative platform” of UTSU elections slate

“Reboot U of T” plans to cut salaries, dissolve executive positions

U of T law students join national initiative to research Safe Third Country challenge

Participants hope to pressure government to alter Canada-US immigration pact in light of Trump’s travel ban

Event featuring Jordan Peterson, Ezra Levant shut down following protests

The full day conference was hosted by two student groups, at the Sanford Fleming building

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